Delian Brand and Import Product Program

Delian`s long lasting experience in manufacturing of all kind of high quality consumables, infection control and instruments with a special focus on endodontic and gum disease therapy has put Delian and sister companies in the position of one of the leading scientific and research based dental manufacturer and importer in China.
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Sales Partner and Nationwide Distributor System

Delian enjoys a high level professional representation and respect supported by high qualified and well trained sales representatives. Delian has an in house Area Sales and Product Management team in Beijing and a nationwide high specialized and experienced dealer system providing an excellent service of sales, education and contacts to every part of the country.
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Delian Partners in Dental Clinics and Hospitals

Delian offers a nationwide cooperation in therapy and product source of high quality western dental medicine including product and technical supply and operation management. These services include hospitals as well as dental clinics and private clinical centers. Delian has experience in dental and medical therapy, technology and product source.
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